DryFluid CA-Booster

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2K power adhesive component for all commercially available CA adhesives.
CA booster combines the advantages of the superconducting agent with the system advantages of a high-performance plastic and combines it with a hitherto unknown high-performance adhesive with high impact and tensile strength.
CA-Booster is a plastic-based power amplifier with fiberglass bridges. The plastic components are high-performance polymers with a highly rugged surface structure and optimize the docking of CA adhesives. Glass fibers of the finest quality ensure the best possible networking of the system components and thus the extreme stability of the adhesive bond.
Superglue can be mixed and modeled with CA-Booster and is suitable for the construction of layers or the filling of joints.
Processing time can be individually adjusted to the requirements by the use of low-, medium- or high-viscosity seconds adhesives. No exact adherence to mixing conditions is required as in the case of classic 2-component adhesives.
Allows the precise application without fear of leakage.
Very good adhesion to surfaces and extreme load-bearing capacity of the adhesive surfaces.
Easily reworked by drilling, arrows and grinding.
Low material weight and therefore especially suitable for model construction.
The viscosity of the second adhesive determines the processing and curing time. Final final strength after 24 hours.
CA booster powder
Reusable mixing containers
Stirring and application bars
Contents 10g / 25ml
Price per 100g: 145,00 €

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